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A Good Way to Get Traffic

So, for probably about a year, I've been seeing people using post images they created with the "Mad Men Yourself" feature at AE.com. Since its inception, the avatar generator has been improved with added features, and some of the most recent images I've seen include new backgrounds and larger sizes. I thought I'd check it out--and I'm not even a Mad Men-watcher. I've never even seen the show, but I have heard from many people that it's a great one.

A+E has made a good decision in developing this lightweight app, because it's fun and allows people to easily make something tangible by indulging their self-centeredness. My guess is that tons of people revisit the site to work on new combinations of art and update their retro selves.

Similar applications--like YearbookYourself and Best Buy's ElfYourself--are both great examples of completely useless technology that does a great job of driving traffic to your site, even drawing in people who normally wouldn't have a reason to visit (such as non-Mad Men-watchers and people who don't actually shop at Best Buy).

Incidentally, here's my creation, courtesy of Mad Men Yourself: