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Crazy Bad Photoshop

The last edition of this game showed Drew Barrymore getting her back hacked off for the (?) beauty of a magazine cover.

A Boing Boing article last week paints Demi Moore as the newest victim of bad high-end Photoshopping, this time for the cover of W. Skip over the enlarged eyes, smoothed skin, too heavily pronounced collarbones, and digitally cinched waist, and set your eyes on her left hip (that's the one that appears on the right).

Here's the cover as it appears:


Here's a quickly altered version that shows her hip with the missing chunk restored:


And here's a third version, just for fun, that very very quickly tries to reverse the monstrosities of "over-youthfulizing," "correcting" a face that's just fine the way it is naturally, and forcing an hourglass shape on someone who doesn't actually have one. (I didn't take a lot of time on this; otherwise, I would've made her legs and hips the correct width and shape.)


Can any of us look at that first image and say with any truthfulness that any part of it--face, body, skin, shape--looks anything like the actual Demi Moore?