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The Importance of Brand, by Mazda

Automaker Mazda's website has a good article about rebuilding their brand and making it globally consistent. In addition to addressing their own company's efforts, the piece offers solid general information about the importance of branding and what it can mean to your business.

Namely, personality and emotional connection with consumers (through the je ne sais quoi of strong branding) distinguishes one competitor from another, even when their products and services are identical.

Mazda is a gigantic corporation, but this is a good perspective for individuals and small businesses who otherwise might find themselves awash in a sea of similar providers. I add for this latter group, who often compete for a small clientele: The idea with niche markets is to take a bigger slice of pie... rather than trying to increase the size of the pie. Take the whole pie, then worry about whether a larger one exists or can be made.

Source: Mazda:Brand Strategy | Vision