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Amazing Tops Awesome in 2010 Most Overused Internet Phrase

At the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Thursday, Amazing was crowned the Most Overused Internet Phrase for 2010, knocking Awesome from the top spot it's held for the past seven years. Finalists were selected from aggregated anonymous data supplied by Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Bebo and verified by the accounting firm Price Waterhouse.

Like, once dubbed "the sassy new 'um' for today's active professional" by The New York Times, has dwindled in popularity among 25- to 39-year-olds, whose social networking activity is more prevalent than the 12-24 age segment who embrace Like as much as the generation before them once did. Like was presented eighth place. This prompted a small but vocal protest outside the office of Amazing Starzzy Productions, the company charged with managing the events ceremony.

Protesters accuse Amazing Starzzy of skewing data to simultaneously promote their company brand. Jerry Richter, CEO/CFO/COO of Amazing Starzzy, says, "I couldn't control the data if I wanted to. I don't even know what 'skewing' means. I thought that is when you put meat on sticks then grill it. Basically, my job is getting the metallic curtain hung and ordering a banner."

In a sort of anti-protest, a large crowd of Christians also congregated outside the Amazing Starzzy office to support Awesome's lowered rank. Calvary Chapel teen Missy Smith stated, "We are here to, like, reclaim Awesome for its rightful use, to indicate awe at a miracle from Heaven. Like, we aren't happy that Amazing is now like in the top spot, since it also is intended to describe miraculous events, but it's a slightly better position for, like, mankind. Now that Awesome is like on the way down, we will be working on getting it and Amazing like completely off the finalists list."

Politics makes strange bedfellows: For the first time in centuries, Christians and magicians find themselves sharing the front lines. While the religious community wants Awesome and Amazing to be reserved for describing miracles and talking about their involvement with church youth groups, the magic community is urging the public to consider its necessity for the words.

One anonymous illusionist explained, "It's simple. If everything is amazing, then nothing is amazing." He added, "This is our livelihood we are talking about. There are over 40 working magicians in the United States! The widespread use of our lingo directly impacts the effectiveness of our performances. I actually heard at the last IBMLOTS [International Brotherhood of Magic, Lighting, and Optical Tricks Suppliers] meeting that The Amazing Jonathan is having a hard time finding work and is seriously considering changing the name he's had for over 25 years."

Another potential issue is the aftermath when wide Internet usage spreads to "real life" usage. The perfect example of this is the design team of a new media company in Los Angeles. A team member working on conditions of anonymity revealed, "I swear, these people say everything is Amazing. Food, music, a party they went to... I am now even getting direction to 'make an Amazing design' with no further explanation."

Here is the complete list of finalists:

1. Amazing
2. Awesome
3. <3
4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
5. 3-Way Tie
    Woo Hoo
6. Beautiful/Gorgeous
7. 2-Way Tie
8. Like
9. 2-Way Tie
    Random Thoughts
10. Vote for Me