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Scooped by Google Buzz?

Currently, a business partner and I are developing an iPhone app (and boy, am I getting antsy for its completion). My husband and I discuss ideas for widgets, apps, and games all the time. The problem with techie ideas, of course, is that development can be expensive: There's the labor of programming, followed by testing and trial periods that often lead to additional labor. Money, money, money.

One of my long-term goals is having a substantial "development bank," a savings account whose funds are dedicated the creation of personal technology and creative projects.

Back in 2003, I approached a couple of development groups about my idea for a browser add-on that would allow users to add "sticky notes" onto web pages, so they could record details of previous visits or their opinion of the site. (For instance, how nice would it be to write a big "This site is a waste of time" across a useless web page you were sent to by a search engine, so if you ever followed that search result link again, your preferences would immediately inform you that you previously deemed it worthless?)

The add-on never was developed, because I had neither the know-how to create it nor the capital to fund it.

The other day, I was checking out Google Buzz and saw that the "sticky note" concept is a feature of it. Users can save a bookmarklet and add notes, then share with their contacts as desired. So, my idea (which I'm sure was not mine alone) has been developed--by some bigwigs with serious bank. Side note: I wonder if it is considered a descendant of their failed "Shared Stuff" feature, which tanked in 2004?

Google has a little more money (billions) and a lot more programming talent (gazillions of nerd brain cells) than I do, so I'm wondering if my "development bank" should be adapted to a different goal: getting to a place of proposing ideas to the groups (AKA Google) who have perfected the development process.

It would be interesting to see a shift toward retaining or engaging "idea people" to conceptualize advances in web and computer technology, sort of like the old-timey Hollywood studio system or think-tankers who innovate household products for manufacturers. Because, even the deposit of a Mega Millions jackpot into my development bank cannot compete with the revenue backing a company like Google or Microsoft.