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In the Works...

I just finished a big project and am looking forward to a freer schedule to concentrate on my own projects. It's time to open up the ol' brainstorming notebooks and dust off the when-I-have-time to-do lists and make my own priorities.

I am partially inspired by this article, which is a list of the top five deathbed regrets, as compiled by an end-of-life care nurse. Some of these things -- living by the expectations of others, for instance -- are not themes in my life, but working too much and letting the quality of my friendships fluctuate are.

Believing in my own projects and working smarter -- shorter hours, but smarter and with passion -- surely will bring the most important fruit of time to spend with the people I care about. And hey, if my ideas happen to be brilliant money-makers, that's just a bonus.

Enjoy the article and don't forget that as your life winds down, you'll want to be surrounded by loved ones and good feelings, not a bunch of proof of all of the work you did once upon a time.