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How to Rebound

I have had an, ummmm, "interesting" life of dramatic events and circumstances. But if I'm known for anything, it's optimism and a calm belief that everything coming my way can be managed--even the tough stuff. This resilience is just part of my personality, but we're all different... so it might not come easily to everyone, and even a generally positive outlook can falter in challenging situations.

How do we rebound after losses, failures, or discomfort? Is there a formula for actions and thoughts to rely on during difficult transitions, a blueprint to carry us through the dark times until we see the light?

One of my long-time clients, Jaunique Sealey, shares this trait of natural optimism... but she's maybe a little more scientific about the ability to deal. Her latest book, Regroup, is all about positive thinking and her methods for bouncing back.

With the dynamic and draining events of late 2016, the timing couldn't be better. (Instead of dividing and isolating, this is a perfect opportunity for all of us from different backgrounds and beliefs to work together toward real understanding, compassion, and progress.) And because she's a serial entrepreneur who's worked with and been mentored by some titans of business, Jaunique's book should speak well to fellow entrepreneurs.

Please join me in supporting the Kickstarter for Regroup and #RegroupNation.